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If you want to buy a home in Southern Idaho, Mountain Home Pro Real Estate is the team you want to work with! With decades of experience, we have developed unsurpassed expertise in handling real estate transactions within our community of Mountain Home, ID, and surrounding areas.


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What are some tips on negotiation?

  • Be prepared: Educate yourself about the market, comparable property prices, and what you want from the negotiations.
  • Know your needs and limits: Before negotiating, understand what you need and set boundaries on what you are willing to accept.
  • Listen carefully: Remain attentive to others during the negotiations to understand their needs better, wants, and objectives.
  • Focus on common ground: Look for areas of agreement between both parties that can be used as a foundation for further discussion.

When should I sell my home?

Generally, the best time to sell your home is during spring and early summer. Buyers are typically looking for homes in April and May when school is ending for the year, and weather conditions are usually most favorable for outdoor activities.

Additionally, these months tend to be when more buyers are actively searching for properties than at any other time of year. If you’re able to list your property during these peak months, you may have an advantage over other sellers who wait until later in the year.

What is the difference between list price, sales price, and appraised value?

The list price is the amount a seller initially advertises as their asking price. It may be an estimation of what they would like to receive, but it can also be priced high or low depending on the market and other factors. The sales price is the amount you are willing to pay for a property as a buyer. This is typically determined through negotiations between both parties. Lastly, the appraised value is an estimate by a certified appraiser of what the property is worth based on comparable sales in the area. This number helps inform buyers how much money they should offer for a property.

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